Hello, this is website of Tatuata tattoo shop, based in Helsinki, Finland. Visit us for all the latest news and photos but don’t forget to check our Facebook and Instagram @tatuata page too.

We have eight resident tattooers:  Jarno Kantanen, Tuppu Ritola, Gustav Fröberg, Taneli Jarva, Miila Kondratjeff, Emma Ceau, Alex Jazz, Olga Tolli, Laura Merta, Sami Niinlampi and Cristian Prestipino. We also have many guest artists visiting constantly. Check our blog for the latest news about guest artists and how to book appointments with them.

We will only write in English on the site. Miksi ei kauniiksi suomenkieleksi? Because we think most people from Finland can understand English, but most non-Finnish people cannot understand our language. We can’t write in Arabic, even though we’d like to. Sorry to all the Arabic countries about that.

Thanks for checking us out, hope you like what we do! If you don’t, we don’t mind.

Any questions? You can call the shop direct +358 41 471 0552 or mail info@tatuata.com. Each tattooer has their contact information listed individually on the gallery pages.

The shop is open Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 11:00-16:00.

Usually Saturday is Walk-In day, so you can just pop up to the shop without any booking.  But also you’re welcome to ask walk-in tattoos every day!

Please note that we do not tattoo people under 18 years old.

Thank you all and welcome!