Tatuata is a professionally-run tattoo parlour located in the heart of  Helsinki. Tatuata was established in 2006 by Jarno Kantanen after settling in Helsinki and the current shop has been open since may 2015.

The current resident tattooists are Jarno Kantanen, Tuppu Ritola, Taneli Jarva, Gustav Fröberg, Antti Kuurne, Miila Kondratjeff, Ella Berglund and Emma Ceau.
Since it first opened Tatuata has been a pit-stop for many tattoo artists from around the world.
The Helsinki studio was chosen because of its great location – the classic street shop together with separate working stations of each tattooer creates an intimate atmosphere and allows clients to relax in total privacy.
We work in a fully certified sterile and hygienic environment and take the utmost care in all our tasks.
Our door is always open to walk-ins, subject to availability.
We will only tattoo persons aged 18 and over.

Shop address:


Open Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays 11:00-16:00