Before coming to get tattooed

  • Stop eating products containing omegas, evening primrose oil, all kinds of protein supplements and all other food supplements as soon as you start thinking about getting a new tattoo. It is very important not to consume these products a few weeks before and while getting a tattoo. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our work.
  • Your skin should be in a good condition. Do not shave, leave that to your tattooer. Do not use any lotions or creams either.
  • If possible, exfoliate your skin lightly in the shower the day before getting tattooed.
  • Eat and drink well before your appointment. Try to avoid coffee and other stimulants. Do not come hungover or drunk.
  • Come on time. Not 30 minutes earlier and definitely not 30 minutes after your appointment, without letting your tattooer know that you will arrive late.
  • In case of a long tattoo session, bring some snacks to keep your blood sugar steady.
  • Dress comfortably (avoid white or light clothes).
  • Please come unaccompanied.