Tatuata 10-year anniversary party this Saturday !


Tatuata is turning ten years old!

Come celebrate with us this Saturday 13.8 at the shop for a special flash/walk-in day with all the Tatuata crew and the guests El Monga, Jonas Nyberg, Walter De Souza, Joel Soos, Rich Hadley, Kike Bugni, Kostek Stekkos and Hexa !  Evening party starts at 21.30 at Elmun baari with the MUTANTS and dj Tru! Tattoos, food, drinks, music and good people!!


Upcoming guests – summer and fall – UPDATE

UPDATE on the upcoming guests for this summer and fall ! Contact them directly if you want to book an appointment !

Kesän ja syksyn vieraslista päivitys ! Laita viestiä suoraan tatuoijalle varataksesi ajan !
El Monga : meet_el_monga@hotmail.es
Walter De Souza : tattoocapataz@gmail.com
Jonas Nyberg : jonasnyberg@fastmail.com
Rich Hadley : richhadleytattoo@gmail.com
Kostek Stekkos : kostektat2noisact@hotmail.com
Kike Bugni : tattoosbybugni@hotmail.com
Joel Soos : joelsoostattoo@gmail.com
Horimatsu Bunshin : bunshin10@gmail.com
Salai Changa : salaichanga@gmail.com
El Javi Aloha : eljavialoha@gmail.com
Alvaro Llorar : llorar@hotmail.com
Rachele Arpini : rachele.arpini@yahoo.com