We are having a very special walk-in day from 11 to 18! All of us here at Tatuata will be tattooing from our flash prepared for this occasion. Each design will be tattooed only once, so don’t be late! We’ll be serving some refreshments as well. Also: our awesome Viiskulma neighbours at BrewDog Helsinki are hosting an exhibition of our paintings, opening on that same day! WELCOME

Small tattoos

Vapaita aikoja löytyy pienille kuville, ota yhteyttä info@tatuata.com, soita 0414710552 tai tule käymään liikkeellä!

We have time for small tattoos these days, email info@tatuata.com, call 0414710552 or drop by the shop!

Small tattoos

Teemme pieniä tatuointeja lyhyellä varoitusajalla! Tiedustelut info@tatuata.com, 0414710552 tai tule käymään liikkeellä.

We do small tattoos on short notice! Book an appointment info@tatuata.com, call 0414710552 or come and see us at the shop!