TATUATA first opened its doors in 2006 by its founder Jarno Kantanen.
Located in Helsinki, it is now regarded as one of the best Tattoo shops in Europe. It has become a point of reference especially for fine lovers of the traditional Japanese style.

Jarno begun tattooing in 1994 and has now close to 30 years of experience and knowledge around the traditional Japanese tattoo.
He has established himself as one of the leading exponents of Japanese tattoos at a world level.
Since two years ago he has been working with his apprentice Cristian.

During his career he met some great Japanease Masters such as Horimasa Tosui, member of the Horitoshi I family. Horimasa has 30 years of experience and is a regular guest at Tatuata, specialized in the tebori technique. TEBORI is the traditional method of tattooing by hand poke in Japan.

Cristian has been studying with great passion and dedication the art of traditional Japanease tattoo, finding the way of expressing himself through this knowledge.

In Tatuata, thanks to our experience, we strive to offer the highest standards of quality to our customers. We introduce our customers and spark their interest in the art of the Japanese tattoo performed in the right way, respecting this ancient traditional craft.