Special walk-in 9.12

Rakkaat ystävät! Pidämme perinteisen veronpalautus walk-in päivän lauantaina 9.12. Tatuoimme kaikki omista linjapiirroksistamme, joista lisää infoa myöhemmin. Jokainen kuva tatuoidaan vain kerran, joten tule paikalle hyvissä ajoin. Tarjolla myös virvokkeita.

Dear friends, we are having our traditional tax refund walk-in day on Saturday 9.12! All of us here at Tatuata will be tattooing from our line drawings, that you’ll get to take a sneak peek at a bit closer to the date.
Each design will be tattooed only once, so don’t be late! We’ll be serving some refreshments as well. More information soon, stay tuned!

New prints by Jarno Kantanen

PRINTS! Now they are done, Kali and Yamantaka A1 high quality inkjet prints! 50€/each and 80€/both together. Those who made the order before, I’m super sorry for the delay, I finally got them done and they will be sent tomorrow! Write me jarno@tatuata.com to order yours! Thanks!