Jarno is taking new appointments for spring-winter 2015.

kosonsho backpiece

Hello! If you have been thinking about the backpiece or some other bigger tattoo projects to start, now would be a good time for that. Last year I couldn’t take any new appointments, but now on 2015 i will carry on working more tattoos. I have been saving some appointments for new big projects and the thing is, that now i want to concentrate only japanese work. I think to find out the way to do proper japanese images, it will need the full concentration of studying japanese subjects and the way to tattoo them correctly. This is the way how your tattoo still gonna look good after thirty years! Of course I can do oneshot-tattoos and other bigger pieces as well, but the backpieces and bodysuites are the things i want to do mostly. All the people who will be able to dedicate physically and financially for a long projects, i will be happy to work with you! Please contact me directly jarno@tatuata.com with your ideas. I will be happy to help you and answer your questions. Thank you! Jarno K

To here i add some old japanese work i love:

This is the sensei Horikyo’s work from 29 years ago:


So beautiful. And still, everything is correct. Colours, line work, black, shadings.. Truly amazing and kept all its beauty all 29 years! Horikyo is a tebori tattoo master and good friend from Tokyo, where he have been working traditional japanese tattoos over 40 years.

Here is some inspirational work by Horibun from Tokyo. Work from 60’s-70’s:

horibunhoribun2  horibun4horibun5


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